Find out how to become a Private Chef with us!

How to become a Private Chef at AirCook for You

Virtual Events

If you have a few hours a week and can speak clear English, have a stable internet connection and a video streaming device (laptop, tablet or phone with a good camera), then we would love for you to host a virtual event with us!

To publish a virtual event, you need to first register an account with us on this page.

You can watch the video below to help you create your user account.

Most events need to last about 45 mins as we rely on free Zoom sessions (however some seasonal hosts may have already paid the Zoom subscription to enable them to host longer cookalongs and workshops).

When you create a virtual event do not include the session link in the description. Instead, please email us the session link so it can be sent to all those who register for the event.

All registrations for virtual events close an hour before the event.

We announce new events via all our social media channels and our newsletter, so we recommend that you publish events at least 10 days ahead to allow us to advertise it.

If you wish to publish a FREE event on the platform, you need to enter '0' in the price box. For paid events, you set the price. All payments are collected via Stripe so you will need to set up a Stripe account if you don’t have one already (please see this document that outlines the process).

Watch a walk-through view of how to create a virtual event with us below.

What You Need to Know

We will pay for all ingredients you will use during a live demonstration or a cook-along, in some cases, we will also give you a contribution for your time too.

You need to be patient and make sure you test your set up before committing to a live-stream but we will be sure to support you along the way. If something happens, don’t get put off by it, stay calm and contact our team for help. We want it to be a positive experience and not a stressful one!

Why Do It

Being on the platform and doing live events can help building your brand in many ways.

It can also raise your profile, increase your following and demand for your own business.

It is A LOT of FUN and can help hundreds of people every week to improve their cooking skills, eat better, delight their loved ones, break up the week, make new friends and feel like a part of a community.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just cook it, AirCook It!