Find out how to become a Private Chef with us!

How to become a Private Chef at AirCook for You

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meant by an Authentic Meal?

 An authentic meal could be a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, BBQ, a picnic or a wine tasting that is specific to the region or the culture you were brought up with. Ideally, it is will made using original recipe or the one you have known most of your life.

Does it Cost to Create an Account?

No. It is absolutely free to create host or guest account.

Who Should Create an Account on AirCook For You?

We are looking for hosts and guest alike who are passionate about all things food. If you love cooking and have been longing to start serving meals to wider audience, we would love for you to come and create an account. Equally if you are a traveller or a local who would like to try a new eating experience, create an account and start contacting our hosts today.

How can I Create an Account on AirCook For You?

You can go to the register page and fill in the form. We also made this video to show you how quick and easy it is!

How Does AirCook For You Make Money?

There is no cost for guest or host to create or maintain account, however if the booking is made, 10% of the total price of a booking will be retained by AirCook For You.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

The payments are handled by Stripe who accept all major credit cards, Google and Apple Pay. Please contact us if you wish to pay with a payment method not listed above.

How to set up your Stripe account from AirCook For You?

We wrote a simple tutorial to do it. Please read this document.

Why Use AirCook For You?

Unlike other platforms, AirCook For You is a community of foodies and individuals looking for specific culinary experiences. As we expand and grow through effective advertising, marketing and word of mouth, our community will grow and there will be more meals to try, more locations and more opportunities to discover. While all this is happening, you can be a part of strong community and get a chance to chat and meet people who share the same interests as you.

What Happens if a Guest Needs to Cancel a Booking?

A guest will need to contact the host directly and inform them of cancellation. As each host has their own cancellation policy and the payment goes directly to the host at the time of the booking, the AirCook for You cannot resolve this for a guest. We do however have a very strict policy with hosts regarding any genuine cancellation requests and will work with a host and guest to resolve this issue. Should you experience any isssues getting a response from a host, please email hello@aircookforyou.com and we will make the contact with the host directly about the issue.