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CheeseSkool – Adventures in Cheese on Wednesday 24th February 19h30 GMT

Wednesday the 24th of February 2021 at 07:30 PM (1 year ago)


CheeseSkool – Adventures in Cheese on Wednesday 24th February

Back by popular demand - A second chance to be whisked away to the mountains of central France for a virtual cheese adventure!

Streaming live from the village of Olliergues, set on the famous Auvergne Cheese Route, ‘CheeseSkool’ is a workshop dedicated to tasting, discussing, and discovering the world of cheese. 

Relax and immerse yourself in British and French food culture as we take an edible journey through the stories, myths, and legends behind this ancient local produce.  From protected recipes to cheese with no name, we’ll explore the different milk types, the importance of terroir, and uncover some of the secrets from behind the cellar door!

On the practical side, there’ll be cheese pairing suggestions from the traditional to the unusual, as well as tips on buying, cutting, and storing your cheese.  Everything you need to prepare a killer cheese board and dazzle your friends with your cheese expertise.


About us


Sam Wydymus is an awarding winning British chef and cheese whisperer. With Nigel, her restauranteur husband, they opened possibly the first locavore pub & restaurant in the UK which ran for over 15 years. Now based in France, they run a B&B and ‘CheeseSkool’ – a tutored cheese tasting experience featuring over 25 Auvergne cheeses with local charcuterie, wine, ciders, and beers.

Notwithstanding the world pandemic, the couple (and 4 children) have embarked on a mad scheme to rescue and reopen an ancient bistro, idyllically set in a French village market.  You can follow their progress on Instagram - @terroir63 or Twitter @samskitchen


Sam is a regular contributor to BBC radio, The Guardian, and anyone else who is willing to commission her.   


www.cheeseskool.com www.saminfrance.com




Ingredients and kitchen tools

Bring your own!

We can talk about cheese until the cows come home, but actually tasting some samples is tricky via zoom, so, why not bring your own?  Below is a list of some of the cheese types we’ll feature – but feel free to improvise. 

Always try to buy your cheese from a cheesemonger or a dedicated deli counter. Even better, please search out your local cheesemakers on sites such as

https://www.producedinkent.co.uk/ or MAKE LIFE BETTER - ORDER CHEESE ONLINE! (specialistcheesemakers.co.uk)

Many small, local producers survive by supplying the hospitality trade but with restaurants forced to close, these small businesses are desperate for your support.  Please help by buying direct - most have online ordering and UK delivery services. 

Hard cows milk cheese – such as Isle of Mull cheddar, Montgomerys cheddar, Lancashire, Cantal, Comte

Soft-white cows milk cheese – such as Camembert, Brie, Tunworth,  Baron Bigod, Bath Soft, Waterloo

Semi-soft cows milk cheese – Saint Nectaire, Tomme de Montange Reblochon Ashcombe, Ogleshield

Washed rind cheese – such as Fournols, Maroilles Munster, Stinking Bishop,  Durrus

Blue cheese – such as Stilton, Stichleton, Dorset Blue Vinney, Fourme d’Ambert Bleu d’Auvergne, Roquefort

For wine, we normally go for a Cote de Rhône (red) and/or Gewürztraminer (white) - both are good with a variety of cheeses.   If you prefer cider, try something on the dryer side.  If beer is your thing, a British IPA can work well. Again, support your local brewer, cider, or winemaker if you can.  


For accessories, anything you fancy -  bread, biscuits, gingerbread, fruit cake, Dorset knobs, charcuterie, nuts, chutney, honey, dried fruit & fresh fruit...... From a ripe banana to fine chocolate, we will suggest a pairing match! 

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