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Traditional Russian Feast

This meal is available at host's home.

Available on Thursdays,Fridays,Saturdays,Sundays Save


Like many other nations across the world, Russians love their food.  And on special ocassions, in particular, there is usually a great spread of snacks, salads and hot dishes on the table. I have created a dinner menu of our nation’s favorite dishes, appetizers, and drinks, which you are likely to encounter on any festive table in Russia. 

Minimum 4 people for every booking. Please contact me if there is more than 6.


A variety of pickeled veg and Olivie salad served with dark or rye bread

Main Course

Pelmeni (dough parcels filled with meat) served with soured cream or butter and herbs


A selection of traditional Russian cakes 

There will be a range of drinks available such as water, Pepsi, Sprite, wine, vodka, tea & coffee.

This menu contains dairy products including milk, wheat, gluten, nuts, meat and eggs.

Allergies generally not catered for, but please let me know about them and any intolerances you have anyway.

Requirements from user

Please let me know time/dates and a size of your party. I can cater this menu at your home, mine or a venue of your choice (subject to your arrangements).