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MAMMA s RECIPES by Chef Alessandro Negro 3 courses meal

This meal is available at host's home.

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This meal is available to be cooked by a professional chef at your place or to take away

Sooner or later we all have to take on the kitchen, whether that be for a simple dinner, a business lunch, a birthday or a social event. The bravest embark on the mission with often mixed result, but certainly with considerable level of stress that prevents them from enjoying the company of their friends and guests. Others instead prefer to entrust the experience of Alessandro, who is a professional chef. Leaving the hard work to him, you will be able to dedicate more time to your guests and enjoying the meal. Bear in mind that his cuisine is traditional Italian and he only uses authentic and fresh ingredients; all his dishes are prepared from scratch. His signature dish is SEAFOOD RISOTTO which he prepares following his grandmother`s recipe.  

Requirements from user

Get in touch a few days before the event and tell Alessandro which ingredients or dishes you would like and a number of guests. Please specify what type of kitchen you have, if anyone has allergies and if there is anything in particular you would like. He will take note of all details and will contact you shortly after with a few menu suggestions. Once you have chosen your menu, he will buy the freshest ingredients.

On the day, Alessandro will come to your home or the selected venue, bringing all the ingredients and kitchen equipment, if required. He will cook and serve the dishes, introducing them with a short description. Sit back and enjoy the delicios food he will prepare for you.

After the dinner, as your guests compliment you for the event, Alessandro will be in the kitchen, washing and tidying up. He offers a start-to-finish service.

After the event or even the following day, he would love to receive your feedback and a short review about the service, by email or post.

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