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Cookalong Tiramisù from scratch with a native Italian

Sunday the 28th of February 2021 at 06:30 PM (2 months ago)


My name is Fabio I'm Italian living in Ireland since 2018.

One of my favourite desserts is tiramisù.

In this cookalong I will try to show you how I make it from scratch.

Ingredients and kitchen tools

Savoiardi cookies - 20-30 (Finger sponge)

Mascarpone cheese (500 g)

4 Eggs (room temperature)

Irish whiskey cream (1-2 tbsp)

Coffee (1 big cup, espresso, instant )

Water and milk

Sugar (1-4 tbsp, depends on how much sweetness we want to add)

Cocoa powder (for decoration)

Hand mixer

Cooking spatula

2 medium/large bowls

1 spoon

Ceramic tray or another bowl (for tiramisù)